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23: Will I Ever Find a Match – Live Relationship Coaching

Ben and Kelsey Grant put their heads together for a live relationship coaching. Today, Cassy come on the show and consulted them about her 18-months on the verge of breaking up relationship limbo. Ben and Kelsey listened to Cassy’s story and gave their takes about her relationship journey, both intimate and personal relationship especially with family and friends.

Kelsey Grant dug deep into Cassy’ love template and the powerful forces of humanity that drive her to stay in her relationship while Ben looked for ways on how Cassy can patch up with her other relationships other than the romantic one to get that reconciliation and healing that she needed.

Enjoy and hear how courageous Cassy was by talking about her relationship, and find out how she will eventually find her match.




“I think a lot of time we are lost in this relationship that is so amazing, but then there are these justifications along the way. - @TBFWPodcast Click To Tweet “Breakthroughs does not come through fluff they are usually from a tough squeeze. - @TBFWPodcast Click To Tweet “A lot of us go into love blindly and we are just looking for this feeling of deliverance from our pain that we’ve experienced early in our love template.- @RadSelfLove Click To Tweet “We projected this idea of this person being your savior.- @RadSelfLove Click To Tweet


Time Stamps:


  • 04:04 – All about Cassy’s relationship limbo
  • 11:24 – Relationship and responsibility
  • 13:56 – Setting up healthy boundaries
  • 16:23 – Kelsey talks about the love template
  • 20:30 – Dishonoring yourself by claiming all the faults and responsibilities
  • 23:56 – Woundology match
  • 24:30 – Unhooking and reclamation of alignment
  • 27:10 – Pain as the pathway out
  • 29:38 – Ben talks about letting go
  • 31:38 – A match and evolving together
  • 35:35 – The power of standing alone and letting go
  • 39:44 – 2 Powerful Forces of Humanity: wanting to merge but then wanting to separate
  • 41:42 – Kelsey talks about non-negotiables and relational alignment
  • 48:31 – Reconciliation for healing
  • 54:35 – Having faith and alignment, moving from a nice paradigm to kind paradigm, recalibration of who Kelly is
  • 01:05:10 – Kelsey’s 1-year Masterclass
  • 01:07:25 – Cassy’s question about faith and trust